About Me

 Hey Y'all....

Thanks for visiting Emerald City Pretty! My name is Emmy. I'm from an EXTREMELY small town in Louisiana, hence the "y'all."  I blog about the latest trends in Beauty,  and the products I love to use on a daily basis. 

I created this blog as a way to share my favorite things with everyone.  I have always enjoyed writing and sharing my opinions about beauty products, so this is the perfect  platform for me.  I usually read product reviews and blogs before making a beauty purchase, and I want this blog to serve as place where you can come and see GOOD reviews and swatches of the products you're thinking about buying. 

And, although my posts have admittedly gotten A LOT better than when I first started blogging back in 2011, I still like to keep things pretty simple around here! I'm computer "knowledgeable," but I'm definitely far from a "techie."  Beauty blogging is a hobby for me, and I NEVER want it to become a chore, thus my favorite way to upload blogs on this site is to post them directly from my Iphone or Ipad. No fancy cameras or lighting, just straight up from my phone to whatever device you are viewing this blog on. 

I love open dialogue so please don't be afraid to leave comments! Most of my readers aren't big commenters though! ** But I see y'all lurking!**

If you have have any special Requests or Questions or if you just want to Chat,   Email me .

 Random FAQs

I know this is lame, but my favorite color really is Pink.

My favorite lipstick and nail polish color is Fuchsia. (or any kind of bright pink, fuchsia, magenta color) 

I have Natural Hair. (I don't know my specific hair type. I'm guessing it's 4b-4c)

Shea Moisture is my favorite natural hair care line.

My favorite scents and perfumes are gourmands (I like anything that smells like sweet pastries or baked goods, i.e., vanilla, cotton candy, pistachio, coconut, chocolate, amber, and caramel). 

I'm considered Plus Size. (I'm not going there with my weight or my actual dress size though, that's way too much information. lol)

Hobbies: Scrap-booking, Planning, Collecting Makeup, and.............. Blogging! 

I don't watch any TV sitcoms or series, but I do like Reality TV.

I don't really even like to watch movies, I prefer documentaries on Netflix. However, when I do watch movies, my favorites are comedies.  What About Bob is probably my favorite movie of all time.

 I like reading. I read almost exclusively just for fun so, "chick lit" is my thing, but I occasionally get really into biographies or non-fiction history books.  

Some of my favorite books are: 
  •  "Eat Pray Love" (do NOT judge me, I just really vibed with this one. lol)
  • "Julie vs. Julia"
  • *** And..........................  anything by Jen Lancaster or Sophia Kinsella***


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