Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book of the Month: Ginny Moon

Hey y'all!

Here's what I've been reading: 

"Ginny Moon" by Benjamin Ludwig
Synopsis of "Ginny Moon" by Benjamin Ludwig (overdrive app)
"Ginny is a recently adopted teenager with autism.  She has a new home, new parents, and a new last name.  Before Ginny arrived at her new house, she spent years living in danger with her birth-mother.  Her world is a much better, safer place now, and everyone tells her that she should feel happy.  But Ginny is stifled.  Her voice is pushed down.  Silenced.  Bottled up for too long now.  It's ready to burst.  Ginny is desperate to get back to where she came from, back to what she left behind.  Because something heartbreaking happened there, something that only Ginny knows, and nothing will stop her from going back to make it right.  She'll even get herself kidnapped.
 Ginny moon is an illuminating look at one girl's journey to find here way home.  In this stunning debut, Benjamin Ludwig gives a voice to the voiceless, reminding us that often we only hear those who speak the loudest, and there's much to be learned by opening up our ears and hearts."

Although this story isn't always pretty, I fell in love with Ginny right from the beginning.  Her smart, mischievous, sassy, and sometimes down-right frustrating antics kept me turning the page and rooting for her throughout the entire book.  Ginny is a one of a kind character. She's a "handful" and has a ton of bad habits, but that's what makes her so fascinating.

Benjamin Ludwig's introspective look into the mind of an autistic teenager makes this book invaluable and definitely worth reading. 

Let me know if you end up reading this book.  I want to discuss! lol

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