Friday, May 29, 2015

What's in Your Natural Hair Spray Bottle?

Hey y'all....

I have a question for all the Natural Hair ladies; What's in your spray bottle????

Natural girls know how important it is to get that mixture JUST RIGHT to refresh and  detangle our curls/kinks!

I don't usually purchase new products just to refill my spritzer; I typically use what I already have at home. 

This is what's in my CURRENT spray bottle:

Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Renewel System Hair and Scalp Serum ****(I swear this stuff is so BOMB and feels sooooo good on the scalp!)

I don't measure anything, but I make sure that at least 25% of my spritzer is filled with the Shea Moisture Kids Detangler, I add a few drops of the other products in, then fill up the rest with lots of WATER!!! 

Even with all the products listed above,  WATER is the most important "ingredient" for my hair. My curls LOVE H2O!  

Let me know what you think!

What's in your spray bottle????

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Small Colour Pop Haul

Hey y'all....

I'm s-l-o-w-l-y building up my Colour Pop collection. Lol.... I recently picked up 2 more items from their website. 

I picked up a Super Shock blush in the color Sticky Sweet (it's grouped with the highlighters on their website :-/) and a Lippie Stix in the color Brills.

Y'all already know I LUV Colour Pop's products, and these did not disappoint. 

Sticky Sweet is described as a deep violet with a pink duo chrome finish.

And Brills is described as a cool toned lavender with a satin finish (it looks and feels more like a matte finish in my opinion). 

Here they are swatched:

In this pic, I'm wearing Sticky Sweet on my cheeks and Brills on my lips!


Price: Blush ($8) Lippie Stix ($5) 

Let me know what you think. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Too Faced No Filter Selfie Powders

Hey y'all.... 

I've been soooooooo bored with makeup lately, but the concept of this #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders palette was so cool (also gimicky" lol) that I wanted to try it out.

This palette contains 3 "light filtering, photo enhancing powders" that are supposed to give your skin either a sunny, warm bronze, or cool tone look in photos depending on which powder you use. 

The powders are pretty much translucent when they are applied to the face, so you will likely only see a SUBLTLE difference, if any at all. 

I did see a slight difference in the finish of my makeup after using these powders, but nothing spectacular. 

I used the Yellow powder to set my under eye concealer and then I finished off the look by applying the Bronze powder to my t-zone. (I don't think I would EVER even try to put that cool toned powder near my face. Yikes!)

This was the result! #NoFilter lol

Availability: Sephora $36

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Smallest Mall Haul Ever!

Hey y'all......

Just because they're cute. Lol... 

Lipgloss- Forever 21

Skull earrings with earring jacket- Dillard's

Nail decals- Icing

Gold ball earrings- Icing

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quick NOTD

Hey y'all. 

This is just a quick NOTD post because I'm LOVING my nail polish today. 

This is OPI's Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection that was released a few years ago. 

You can still get this color on Amazon

Let me know what you think 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Products from COVERGIRL!

**This post contains press samples. 

COVERGIRL recently released its NEW The Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascara and Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner by LashBlast.

COVERGIRL's NEW The Super Sizer Mascara promises to give your lashes "400% more corner to corner volume for full, fanned out lashes."

My quick thoughts:
-This mascara has a super wet formula upon the first few applications. Thereafter, it dries down a little bit, making it more manageable, but I would still consider it a "wet" mascara.

-It gives you pretty, natural lashes, definitely NOT dramatic, even with multiple layers. 

-Having said that, the mascara layers well and doesn't get clumpy or crunchy. 

This mascara is OK. There are no major negatives that I can point to, and it does give you nice, natural lashes. However, if you want something more dramatic, stick with the original LashBlast! 

On the other hand, COVERGIRL's Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner by LashBlast is awesome! 

"The new paddle-shaped tip makes a dramatic eye look easy by providing the control of a pencil and the intensity of a liquid liner."

-I agree! The paddle tip of this liquid eyeliner makes it super easy to get a precise, thick or thin wing. The formula is very pigmented and it stays on all day without any transfer. 

Let me know what you think. 

***Although these products were sent to me, all opinions expressed on THIS blog, and more specifically, on THIS post are my OWN***

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