Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bizzare Beauty: Japanese Sawdust Bath

Ok, I came across this article on MSN Living and it captured my full attention. (lol)

Apparently, women in Japan swear by this Sawdust Bath treatment which they believe helps with acne, anemia, hypertension, arthritis, and obesity. 

Japanese Sawdust Bath [photo source]

Here's how it works: 
"Imagine being covered in sawdust from finely ground Yoshino Cypress trees for 15 to 20 minutes. As enzymes from vegetation and fruit ferment within the sawdust, your body temperature rises to a sweaty 104 degrees.  The process is said to activate your internal organs, thus optimizing metabolism, raising immunity and improving circulation says Oddity Central[source]

Japanese Sawdust Bath [photo source]

Right now, this bizarre beauty treatment is only available in Japan and costs approximately $70.

Would you try this? (I mean...... at only $70, I kind of think it's worth a shot. Right? lol)

Let me know what you think.   

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