Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Walmart Beauty Haul

Another trip to Walmart..............

Walmart beauty haul

Simple replenishing rich moisturizer- I'm still not sure if this is moisturizing enough for my dry skin, but I still want to see how it works with my skin after a few weeks.

Secret scent expressions in "cocoa butter kiss"- I'm not at all picky about deodorants, but this line smells soooo good.

Sally Hansen cuticle eraser and balm - My cuticles look horrible right now, so I really hope this works!

Spring Valley organic extra virgin coconut oil- I LOVE this.  I use it for everything and it smells GREAT! (it smells exactly like Almond Joy candy bars)

Davidoff "cool water" for women- I wanted to try this because I'm obsessed with beachy, mineral salt, and sea kelp scents, and this is the closest perfume I could find to that.

Revlon kissable balm stain in "crush" - Click here for a full review of Revlon's balm stains.

Let me know what you think.
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. coconut oil is my fave ^^ I adore all natural :D

  2. Ooo the Simple moisturizer is my favourite. Sooo good for your skin :D


  3. How did the cuticle balm work out for you? I need something for my dry cuticles.


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