Monday, July 30, 2012

L'oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Lipsticks

L'oreal's new Colour Caresse Lipsticks are probably my favorite drugstore lipsticks ever.

L'oreal Colour Caresse Lipsticks

The formula is really shiny and creamy, and they are also moisturizing on the lips.  They are definitely not a long-lasting lipstick but I like them so much that I don't mind re-applying.

There are  about 16 different shades.  I decided to pick up:

  • Blushing Sequin
  • Velvety Fuchsia
  • Violet Chiffon

The colors go on sheer, but can definitely be built up for more intense pigmentation. 

L'oreal Colour Caresse Lipsticks (left to right) "Blushing Sequin", "Velvety Fuchsia", "Violet Chiffon"

L'oreal Colour Caresse Lipsticks (top to bottom)"Blushing Sequin", "Velvety Fuchsia", "Violet Chiffon"

Let me know what you think.
Have you tried these yet?

1 comment:

  1. These are very pretty. Violet Chiffon looks similar to Up the Amp from MAC.


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