Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and Randomoness

Happy Mother's Day!

My camera is soooooo out of commission right now because my SD card broke!!! So, I've been taking pics with my phone. (excuse the horrible sentence formation, BUT I had to emphasis the !!! about the broken SD card..... lol).

Anyway, I've been really enjoying the 31 Days of Beauty May Picture Challenge on Instagram.  It has given me a chance to take a look back at some products I haven't thought about in a while.

Day 13:  Way Back When

31 Days of Beauty May Day 13

My favorite light/medium pink lip combo from my college days:  Rimmel's "Pink Chic" Lipstick and Philosophy's "Bubbly" Lip Shine. 

Along with my first Smashbox eyeshadow pallet. I think this was part of a Holiday release a few years ago. I wore this pallet ALL the way out! lol

And,  I know this is random and I don't talk about kids, but..............................

Willow and Jada Smith

Hey Willow Girl! (her hair is really cute though!)

Let me know what you think.
What were your favorite products way back when?

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