Monday, January 2, 2012

Pretty or Silly? Christina Milian Shows off her New Year's Eve Look

Christina Milian NYE

Actress/Singer Christina Milian posted this photo of her New Year's Eve outfit on twitter yesterday. Uhmmmm.......... Quite unique right?

Here's what she tweeted:
 "Happy New Year East Coast!! Headed 2 a Rave w   ! Wishing you all the best!" 
Considering she was going to a Rave, I actually think she looks Pretty!  

Christina Milian NYE

Makeup:  Here, Christina has a very dramatic winged-out smokey eye, with a white highlight in the inner corners. She's also wearing a light highlighter on her upper cheekbones, and her nose seems to be slightly contoured. The look is completed with a warm pink blush, and a cool tone pink lip.

Get the Look:

What do you think? 
Did you see any outrageous New Year's Eve looks?


  1. She looks like she's in some sort of weird fancy dress. In my opinion it's not a good look x

  2. I think it's a nice look. Can any look really be silly, as long as the person in it feels they are expressing themselves? I like how she looks but suppose I didn't - should that mean she shouldn't wear that combination? Nice colors and different look for the occasion.


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