Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favorite Perfumes Tag

I Love reading Tag Posts, and I thought this was a really cute one.

Here are some of my Favorite Perfumes!

1.  What is your Favorite Winter Scent?  During the Winter months I like wearing really sugary/gourmand scents. (I sneak these in during the summer too. lol)

2.  On a Lazy Day I reach for........... This one is easy. My all time Favorite everyday scent is Philosophy's Amazing Grace Perfume and Body Spray. Click Here for a full review.

3.  What would you use when you're going on a date? Marc Jacobs' Lola is my Favorite night time scent, while Philosophy's Falling in Love is a nice Vanilla and Blackberry scent that would be perfect for a daytime date.

4.  What is your High School signature scent? I honestly don't remember being into fragrances in high school.  That seems like it was such a LONG time ago! (lol) But I remember when I first started college I (and ALL the other Freshmen girls) used Victoria's Secret LoveSpell way too much!

5.  What's your Current Love?  I've been loving my YSL Parisenne Sample.  This is advertised as a fruity/floral scent, but I think it smells like Fresh Grapes on my skin. (I'm sure it's because of the Cranberry in the top notes).

6.  What's your Favorite Summer Scent.  This is so hard to narrow down, but during the summer I usually wear light/fruity fragrances like these:

7.  Name a perfume that you regret buying.  I totally regret buying Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. It doesn't smell bad, but the scent is just TOO light for me, and it's really generic. However, I think it would be a nice fragrance for a young teenage girl.

8.  What perfume is on your Wishlist? Whew! I have A LOT of perfumes that I can't wait to get, but these are definitely at the top of my list!

TAG You're It! How would you answer these questions?


  1. great post! i'm such a fragrance head! i did some what of a similar youtube vid a lil while back.
    Current love: Marc Jacobs Oh Lola
    Fragrances on my radar: Jimmy Choo, Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Juiced and Beyonce Pulse
    Night Time: Euphoria (Forbidden)
    A perfume I regret buying: possibly Rihanna-- its cool with some character, just not in love
    On a lazy day I reach for: Guerlain Insolence... it's beautiful and classic and can fit day time, night time, date time or just feeling adult, refined and feminine...
    ...i just may make this a post on my blog.. i love talking/sniffing perfume


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