Monday, November 28, 2011

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos

"I found these Violent Lips lip tattoos in Kylie’s room and Mario and I thought it would be fun to try out a new look! What do you guys think?!"

Earlier today, Kim Kardasian tweeted this photo of her wearing a Black and White Checker Pattern Temporary Lip Tattoo from Violent Lips. Honestly, when I first saw these I thought they looked a bit odd, and even when Kim tweeted the photo my reaction was still like Girl, What? But I must say, her lips definitely caught my attention.

While I'm NOT brave enough to rock a crazy pattern like Kim, there are some designs on the Violent Lips website that I would try out.  I particularly like the Glitteratti Collection, and who knows, I may even find myself purchasing the Leopard Lips from the Animal Prints collection because I REALLY like those too. (lol)

Hot Pink Glitteratti

The Leopard

So let me know what you think of these Temporary Lip Tattoos. 
Too over the top or would you wear them?

Availability: Violent Lips or Sephora for $9- $15 (3 appliques per pack)


1 comment:

  1. Violent Lips are a great product! I am wearing them tonight with friends for our New Years party, I can't wait!!!


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