Monday, November 7, 2011

Face Mask Series Volume 2

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Today, in my Face Mask Series, is the  Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Cucumber Mask.
"This Clarifying mask gently peels away impurities while Cucumber Extract leaves your skin Smooth and Silky."

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The Key Ingredients in this mask are Cucumber Extract, Chamomile, and Vitamin A.   This product is a Clear, Sticky, Gel, and of course, has a strong Cucumber scent.  The fragrance is definitely noticeable, but not at all overpowering.  However, if you don't like the scent of Cucumbers, then you probably wouldn't like this mask.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

I use this mask whenever I feel that my face needs a deep cleansing. I have dry-sensitive skin, and I've had no problems with using this mask more than once a week. It's a really fun and easy peel-off mask that makes my skin feel Smooth, and although it's a Clarifying mask it does Not strip my skin or dry it out.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Cucumber Peel-Off Mask (Dried)

Pros:  It's a great Clarifying mask that leaves my face feeling Supple and Squeaky clean without stripping its moisture. It makes my skin feel Soft, Brand-New, and Glowy.  And it's Only $3.00!

Cons: The Cucumber scent might be annoying to some people.  And the mask actually doesn't do very much besides cleanse really well. I didn't notice it strip away any impurities, and it definitely did not peel-off any blackheads from my skin.

Overall:  If you're looking for an inexpensive, fun, peel-off mask to cleanse your skin without drying it out, then this mask would be perfect for you.

Availability:  Available at Mass Retailers for $3.00

Have you ever tried this mask? What's your favorite Peel-Off Mask?


Up Next, Freeman's Pineapple Enzyme Mask. Stay Tuned..............

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