Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Colgate Optic White

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After seeing the commercial ad for this toothpaste I had to try it! I picked up Colgate's Optic White Toothpaste a little over a month ago and it has become my favorite toothpaste of LIFE. Seriously this toothpaste is amazing, and I never want to be without it.  The thing that separates this product from other whitening toothpastes is that it uses Hydrogen Peroxide, which is the same ingredient contained in Whitening Strips. Colgate promises visibly whiter teeth after just one week, and full results after a month of use.

I've tried many whitening products in the past, and they are usually PRICEY with only minimal results, no thanks! Since using this toothpaste I have noticed that my teeth have become a lot whiter and brighter.  I have not developed any sensitivity since using it, and I absolutely love the Sparkling Mint flavor.

I liked the toothpaste so much, that I decided to buy the toothbrush also! Colgate's 360 Optic White Toothbrush promises to whiten teeth with it's Whitening Cups and Polishing Bristles.  The Whitening Cups claim to hold toothpaste to give more effective results in the removal of stains, while the Polishing Bristles are supposed to help whiten teeth by polishing away hard to remove surface stains.

Colgate Optic White Tooth Brush

Colgate Optic Tooth Brush

And as an added bonus, this toothbrush also has a tongue and cheek cleaner on the back.

Colgate Optic White Tooth Brush

Overall:  I like the way the toothbrush feels on my teeth, and although the bristles are a bit firm, I haven't had any problems with irritation while using it.  I would definitely recommend this product because I've seen good results.

Availability:  The toothpaste can be purchased for $4.69, and the toothbrush is available for $2.96 at Walmart, and select drug stores.

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