Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diet and Weight Loss Supplements: Real or Gimmick?

Lately I've been trying to jump start my diet (again), so I started looking into Diet Supplements and Weight Loss aids. I know nothing beats a good diet and exercise routine, but of course I wanted a head start so I went to GNC to check out what they had. A few of their products caught my attention, specifically the BeautyFit line of products, and Bethenny Frankel's line of Skinnygirl weight loss aids.

The BeautyFit BeautySlender softgels are supposed to be a stimulant-free weight loss aid.  It contains CLA, which occurs naturally in dairy foods, and grass-fed beef and lamb. CLA has been shown to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.  BeautyFit's "special" blend of fatty acids support the release of body fat in those stubborn areas of the female body including the thighs, hips, and butt.  This product also claims to promote healthy skin and reduce water retention with it's blend of Omega Fatty Acids and GLA, which is an essential fatty acid found naturally in Seed Oils, like Borage Oil, and Black Current Seed Oil
 "GLA does two things to boost your metabolism. First it activates an under-active fat in overweight people known as brown adipose tissue (BAT) to burn calories. Second, GLA activates the ATPase metabolic process, commonly referred to as the “sodium pump”. Source

SkinnyGirl daily softgels claim to support weight loss and increased energy with its blend of CLA, Grapefruit, B12, and Flax Seed Oil.  The combination of Flax Seed Oil and CLA are supposed to help burn fat and promote a healthy weight. Flax Seed Oil is believed to aid in weight loss by allowing the stomach to retain food longer which leads to a feeling of "FULLNESS." Flax Seed Oil also contains a considerable amount of calories which, instead of being stored as fat, provides essential nutrients to the body which "reduces the craving for sweets or foods rich in carbohydrates." ~Source

Both of these products can be purchased from GNC. They are kind of pricey though.  BeautyFit BeautySlender retails for $49.99, and SkinnyGirl can be purchased for $54.99

So, do you think these products actually work? Or, do you think they're just the same, ole gimmicky weight loss products?

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